• I am a new BPO. Am I qualified for new projects?

    TechSource Innovations have three levels of consulting for Startups, Mid size and enterprise. Yes, you are qualified for selected option of projects to choose from. Contact Sales dept.

  • How do I qualify to acquire a project?

    If you are a Proprietor, LLP, LLC, Pvt. Ltd company with minimum of 1 Year BPO experience, we can help you qualify the bidding and screening process to acquire the project. will ensure the legal documentation and licences.

  • project?

    Where are you located?

    We have multiple locations. Vijayawada,Hyderabad Please see contact page.

  • What is CSA? Is it legal contract?

    CSA is Consulting Service agreement. It is a legal contract powered by Docusign.com which is worldwide accepted and authenticated.

  • What is the term of the Contract?

    The minimum term of the contract is 1 year which is auto renewed.

  • What is the payment Security?

    TechSource Innovations ensure the payment/payout of its center partners. Our centers don't have to worry about payments. TechSource Innovations has strict SLA regulations on clients with penalty clause in case there is a delay in payments for more than 15 days. In case of delay exceeding 15 days, TechSource Innovations clears the centre invoice without further waiting for client payments.

  • What is the refund policy?

    TechSource Innovations ensure the refund of Handholding, in case center decides to discontinue the project within 3 months without starting the operations, they have to serve the 15 days notice and TechSource shall refund the Handholding amount. In case centre has paid of Dialer, data and training, that will be forfeited.

  • Can I sign the contract with client directly?

    Yes, Centre can sign the contract directly with client after a successful handholding period of minimum 6 months and at clients discretion to sign.

  • I have multiple centres in my network. How can I partner with you?

    Great, There is an opportunity to maximise your earnings. You can become our Authorised Consulting Partner (ACP) and refer new centres who are looking for projects and business operation setups. Enquire about ACP now by sending mail to sales.

  • Can I get reference center?

    Yes you can! Techsource Innovations follow the reference centre procedure as follows:

      Centre should be a mid size business who has worked on any BPO project. StartUps are also welcome.

      Centre should be a registered business.

      Centre need to apply for a project.

      Centre should have minimum 4 months of financial backup to support the operations.

      It's on client discretion to identify the reference centre for you.

      Centre has a limited time window for project.

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