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Investor programme.

Where we will be taking investment/ procurement fees from Investors for setting up business.

Employees salaries and rents etc will be our are on TechSource as we get income from the project we will pay for all of them and once we get the first bill u will be given 20%(Domestic Process) royalty on profit for ur invested amount and after 3rd billing if u want to take over ur project from us we will migrate the project to u when u pay us 35% of royalty on each month billing and the project will be urs along with employees and all the set up and expenses there after.

For International Inbound processes when u take Atleast 20 seats and pay procurement fee as per project and u do not have to worry about office or other expenses till 3 months u get 25% royalty for what u gave us as investment in every month billing in profits. If you want to take over the international process we will migrate it after 3 months

Advantages and savings in this program for investor:

  1. Employees hiring cost.
  2. Salaries
  3. Set up of office and infrastructure.
  4. Rents and expenses will be on us.